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TRAINING: Available Pets


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Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in what we have to offer both you and your dog. We tend to stay booked 3 to 6 months out primarily because we only train 3 to 4 dogs at one time. All dogs that have finished one of our programs is eligible for Boarding here at the kennel. Our clients dogs are not just customers they are family! If you are interested in one of our programs please fill out an application or reach out to us by phone or email. If applicable we usually ask that potential clients to come by so we can meet and evaluate the dog prior to booking a time slot.

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Obedience Training

Obedience Training teaches, sit & extended sit/stay, come here, kennel/place, off, no, leave it, lay down, heel, with short and long leash capability. It also teaches 100 % off leash work including collar conditioning after the dog is trained properly, minor non aggressive behavior modification and replacement training. Training includes multiple owner/dog training sessions to properly instruct how to handle the dog and continue teaching the dog once they go home. 


Two scheduled owner/dog sessions are mandatory

Visits are strongly encouraged. 

No contract required

Gundog/Retriever Training

Retriever Training includes every skill from our Obedience Training and also transitions it into the the skills needed for Retriever work including proper hold technique, delivery to hand, the complete Force program including force fetch, steady to shot and bird, short and long distance marking, proper technique for running taught, pattern and cold blind retrieves,

3 handed casting and much, much more....


Training includes numerous mandatory scheduled owner/dog training sessions.

Visits and owner participation is strongly encouraged.

No contract required

    AKC & UKC Title Testing

If you are interested in having your dog campaigned for kennel club/pedigree titles or having your dog attend a test please contact us directly for pricing and availability. 











We are members of the of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers
We adhere to APDT 'LIMA' approach. 


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