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Hartselle, AL

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 I was born in Decatur, AL and grew up in Brooksville, AL I moved to Hartselle, AL in the late 90's after marrying my high school sweetheart. We currently live in Neel which is about 10 to 15 minutes west of Hartselle. My wife unintentionally started this journey for me with our first Golden Retriever named Carlee over 15 years ago. Carlee was a wonderful dog and left us with countless fond memories before passing due to cancer. She changed my life in many ways and inspired me to start down this path. I have trained numerous breeds and I love training them all but Goldens certainly hold a special place in my heart. I began training dogs purely as a hobbyist which slowly led me through varying phases of mentorships, training classes, and etc. which eventually led me to open Castle House Kennels.

I did not start my journey as a Gundog trainer. I started it as a Therapy Dog trainer. Although it is no longer my primary focus it still holds a huge part of my heart since in my humble opinion there is nothing much purer in life than seeing one of Gods greatest creations give hope and peace to his greatest creation. I am a firm believer that one form of training such as positive or negative reinforcement is not the stand alone way to train dogs. I believe that there are many forms of training that should be used with one being the most effective in a specific point of set curriculum to teach a dogs specific skillsets. This is the reason I align with the APDT "LIMA" approach for any given curriculum being used. Most dog trainers all use very similar curriculum when teaching a dog but how they approach that curriculum is where the rubber always hits the road.

I understand that choosing a trainer/breeder/kennel should be a carefully and thoughtfully stepped out process. It is very important to find the right breeder and breed of dog that fits yours and your family lifestyle and needs. It is equally if not more important finding the right trainer that fits not only your requirements but also the dogs needs. All dogs are different and have different personalities requiring a varying approach. Some are over powering rock stars that want to take control which allow a trainer to get straight to work with minimal obstacles while others are much more methodical dogs requiring a gloves off approach to bring out the very best in the dog. This makes dog training a very individual process. I take great pride in training a dog from where its at with a realistic vision and ambition for what it can become. I am a firm believer that the average dog wants nothing more than to please us. The most common issue is that we simply don't know how to communicate with them which requires a knowledgeable trainer to teach both the dog and owner how to properly communicate with each other. This is where a dog can really become a solid canine and superb companion for life or sadly where they can be derailed and never reach their full potential. From the living room to the hunting field I take great pride in helping owners bring out the very best in their dogs  


Thank you for taking the time to look around our website and for considering us in your search. I look forward to talking to you and meeting both you and your dog very soon.  


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