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The story of Castle House

We started out in the early 2000's our as your typical dog family. We had one Golden Retriever that helped us raise our 3 children. As time passed we adopted another Golden and eventually found ourselves interested in breeding. At the time we were fairly unaware of the health issues plaguing the Golden Retriever breed which resulted in the loss of our first Golden early in life to cancer and then to our other Golden which dealt with what is now known as Ichthyosis. We were diligent in our attempts but eventually faced Hip Dysplasia in our soon to be stud so we found ourselves at a crossroads in our attempts at having a breeding program.  This led us to begin researching the breed we loved in depth in hopes of learning g how to prevent these diseases and health defects that so many dogs are carrying and suffering with on a daily basis. After quite some time we attempted again but this time using Genetic Testing and OFA Health Certifications to evaluate our potential breeding candidates.  This become the baseline for our breeding program but certainly not the standard. 

In 2018 we began studying dog training under the guidance of more experienced trainers and breeders which helped us form what we now use as our standard.

Having a dog that is registered with the AKC or UKC shows the lineage for the dog and tracks its bloodline but it tells you very little of the dogs or puppies you are seeking themselves meaning you can get a really terrible dog even though it has an AKC or UKC registration. Our program has 4 steps which are Test, Train, Develop, and lastly Breed. There are many breeders and puppies to be found these days but in most cases you find that the dogs are unhealthy, not tested and not certified, have no visible proof of trainability and offer little to a family other than being a backyard pet that they themselves all most neighbors hate. Without Health Testing and Certifications you have no way of knowing if the puppy will inherit life debilitating or deadly diseases. Without Training you have no way of knowing how intelligent or ignorant your potential puppy will be. Our dogs are classified in two categories. 1. Competition/Working & 2. Companion/Therapy.  Over the years we learned the terms Field and Show Goldens. The bottom line fact is that the breed was created for field work. There are many variations these days but the original breeding was created in hopes of having a dog that was equally as good a companion as it was a retriever that could withstand the harsh elements of waterfowl hunting. This is why the Kennel Club breed standards were created so as to preserve the breed and original traits desired.  

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