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Board & Train

 650.00 per month   


We offer 4 different Board & Train programs 

Basic Obedience :

Basic Obedience is taught on leash. It teaches proper heeling technique, sit/stay, basic on/off leash recall,  beginner to intermediate sit/stay with short & long leash, no, off, down/up, leave it, kennel and place commands. 

We do not potty train.

Advanced Obedience :

Advanced Obedience incorporates all of the Basic skills but completes it with 100% off leash abilities. It teaches remote & extended place and sit/stay commands until released, proper etiquette and skill requirements for CGC testing & entry into Therapy, Service and Gundog or other canine programs. 


Basic Gundog/Retriever :

Includes Basic and Advanced Obedience with proper introduction to feathers, birds, gunshots, wingers, calls, blinds, force work, basic whistle work, delivery to hand, and single marking with memory work for doubles .


Advanced Gundog/Retriever :

This program picks up where the Started level program ends, teaching doubles, triples, proper lining and blind retrieve work utilizing 3 handed casting. It also teaches how to conduct themselves properly in the field, the hunting blind, the truck and ATV, around other hunters, dogs and much more. 






We are members of the of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers
We adhere to APDT 'LIMA' approach.