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Spring/Summer 2023 

1. If you are interested in a puppy from this breeding please fill out a puppy application that is posted at the bottom of this page, or contact us directly. 
2. A 250.00 deposit towards price of puppy is required to reserve a spot on the waiting list.
3. Total cost of puppy is 1500.00. 
Trooper is owned by Eddie & Jayna Watkins of Rutherford, TN. Trooper is well known in the field Golden world. He has been trained and handled by both Tim Kingsfield and Chris Scott. 
5. Reba is owned by Colsten & Mackenzie Thompson of Tuscaloosa, AL. Reba was trained here at Castle House Kennels. 
6. Puppies will have shorter field golden coats and should be light red to dark red in color. 
7. Puppies full grown weight estimation based on Sire and Dam is 50 to 55 pounds/female and 60 to 65 pounds/male. 
8. Sire and Dam both meet the AKC and UKC breed standard required for a Golden Retriever. Trooper and Reba are very intelligent, driven to learn and please but require owners that are willing to invest themselves into the dog with both time, affection and training.   
9. Puppies will be AKC registered with the option for UKC registry. 
10. Puppies will go home at 8 weeks and will have first puppy shots administered from our veterinarian at 6 weeks old.
11. Genetic Health Testing and OFA certifications for sire and dam are listed in the K9 links.




Dog/Puppy Application
Fill out this application to be considered for a puppy or dog as available. 
What is your future plans for the puppy?
Will the puppy stay inside with a family or outdoors in a large fenced in area?
Gender Preference
Do you plan to train or have the puppy trained by a professional dog trainer?

Thank you! We will be in touch soon. If you want to contact us directly drop us a message at 256-221-8827

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